Company History

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For over 89 years, Kitamura Machinery has created innovative machining centers that meet the strictest demands of manufacturers worldwide. By combining the best practices from decades of hands-on experience, extreme personal attention to detail and the latest technology advances, Kitamura Machinery has created a line of horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers that provide customers with improved productivity through easy adaptability, reductions in defects, and accurate, reliable long-term performance.

Family owned and operated, Kitamura has made customer service a priority since the very beginning – across the U.S., and around the world, you can count on the most knowledgeable machining-center service and support as our total commitment to quality, performance and value.
Founded in 1933, Kitamura’s concentration in the machining center business as well as its unprecedented commitment to Research and Development has led to industrial growth with the procurement of over 200 patents and patents pending in machining center design.

The company motto “Limitless Creativity” lends itself to our commitment to consistent product development, allowing us to provide the most technologically advanced and reliable machining centers on the market today.


  • The 70's brought Kitamura to a new level of advancement with the development of our first Vertical Machining Centers. With an ultra-fast ATC design idea born of the Senju-Kannon statue, Kitamura brought to market the T-12, T-15 and T-20 VMC's - Each machine layering technologies from its predecessor. With patents obtained and awards won as a result of these developments, Kitamura began to focus its efforts on machining center manufacture well before its competition and began to establish itself as a leader in highly accurate, high quality machine tools.
  • The 80's propelled Kitamura into the development of fully automated Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers with a focus on high speed and high quality standard features that would soon become a cornerstone of the Kitamura brand. Development of the Supercell-300, the first of its kind in the world, brought KItamura to the forefront of 5-axis, automated machining. Far ahead of its time, Kitamura has since built on these technologies with new developments in vertical and horizontal 5-axis unmanned machining.
  • The 90's saw a focus on rigidity in machine construction and high speed spindle technology. Kitamura builds upon box way technology and reaches 1,969ipm rapid feed rates, the fastest available at the time on solid box ways. R & D into speed and high precision continues with gear driven spindle development, reaching 20,000rpm spindle speeds soon to be brought to market. Patented twin ballscrew and dual feedback technology is introduced as an ultra-high precision base component for Kitamura's heavy duty line of horizontal machining centers. TGA-Series machining centers are built on the premise of accuracy, speed and truth in machine design and manufacture.
  • 2000 ~ Kitamura manufacturers and produces its first 5-axis VMC (Mytrunnion-5) and introduces to market its "F" and "H"-Series Vertical and Horizontal Machining Centers with accuracies of up to +/-0.00004" Full Stroke. Larger machining centers are in demand and Kitamura answers with an expansion of the Takaoka City Headquarters. With growth, Kitamura as a company continues to focus on highly accurate, well-built machining centers and research into ever expanding multi axis technologies and new machine configurations. The newly designed "G"-Series machining centers give Kitamura a fresh new look with feature rich functions and recognition for outstanding machine design. World's fastest rapid feed rates of 2,362ipm on solid box ways are achieved. Introduction of Kitamura's very own CNC Controller, the Arumatik-Mi, continues the company's enthusiastic pursuit of machine tool development and production and offers customers a faster, more visual, user-friendly option for optimizing machine performance.